Cancun MemoryLake For AWS

Cancun’s MemoryLake Software Platform Delivers Massive Speed, Cost Efficiency and the Simplicity of Cloud to Big Data Frameworks 

By inserting Cancun’s MemoryLake software into your big data stack you will execute at accelerated speeds, and time to insights will move from days and hours, to minutes and seconds, resulting in reduced AWS expenditure.  Check out our 2 minute video that shows how easy it is to install Cancun in your existing or new EC2/EMR installation and the execution of a Spark ETL workload that demonstrates a 10x speed-up of a billion-row file.  

Reduce Your Amazon EC2/EMR Expenses

In the cloud, customers pay for the usage of resources. With Cancun MemoryLake, workloads are significantly accelerated thereby reducing IaaS expenses. For example, if a workload takes 10 hours, then the customer pays IaaS charges for 10 hours. With Cancun MemoryLake, when the workload is accelerated by 10x then the same job completes in 1 hour thereby yielding significant cost savings of 82%.

Turbo-Charge Your Time to Insights

The MemoryLake platform is able to increase the memory footprint presented to the compute layer by combining physical resources within and across the cluster into a single memory tier, enabling applications to run significantly faster.


Simple, No Hassle Solution

The platform can be inserted seamlessly into your big data stack. All provisioning and management are done from a single ‘pane of glass’. You can setup Cancun in Amazon in just a few minutes. Most importantly, we are 100% compatible with existing HDFS, so no changes are needed to your big data application code.

 Risk-Free Offer

Try Cancun’s MemoryLake platform to save on your cloud expenses and accelerate your insights from hours to minutes.  The ease of installation, no changes to hardware or code and no upfront cost, it’s a great time to get started!

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